Stick Bang

Stick Bang 1.0

A unique and eccentric war in which your bullets are living creatures! (See all)

Stick Bang is a non-traditional game defying all logic, very interesting, and quite fun. It presents an eccentric war in which your bullets are small living creatures This is what the game is about, and despite the fact that it might sound cruel, it is very entertaining and funny. Don't worry about your "bullets" because these creatures seem to resist all kinds of physical damage and were created with that sole purpose.

These special creatures acting like ammo are unique and each one has its own defense characteristics, such as freezing, bursting into flames, producing explosions, suicide bombers, and many others even funnier. When you strike your enemy the health will be decreased, this is indicated by a bar on the lower side of the character's body.

Choose your favorite living bullet from the menu on the lower area of the screen, aim with the mouse, and shoot with left click. Make sure you cause enough damage to win the battle, use tactics such as neutralizing your enemy to prepare a much stronger attack.

Jonathan Palencia
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  • Funny and entertaining


  • Its message can be misinterpreted as "Do whatever you want with others, if you're bigger than them."
  • Becomes boring gradually after a few times playing it
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